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The Work of Diane B. Taylor

Drabbles, Works in Progress and The Kinks of Life in Their Gory Glory

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I have always loved writing and reading, but I didn't consider it as an real occupation until my freshman year of college. I got my start writing fan fiction for The Phantom of the Opera, but I've migrated over to the Legend of Zelda fan fiction community. However, I enjoy fan fiction from a variety of films, books, video games and anime.

I earned my BA in English in May of 2009 and I will be going back to school for my MS in Critical Literacy in the Fall of 2010. In the Summer and Fall of 2009, I served two internships as an assistant editor for two separate electronic book publishing companies (Stonehedge Publishing and Mythica Publishing) I am a tutor who helps students at my university improve their writing skills and I would love to work as an editor for a publishing company someday.

I hope to begin posting my drabbles on here -- I am always open to fair criticism. Nothing is sacred to me, feel free to shred as much and whatever you want. I can't improve as easily if readers don't tell me what I could improve on.

Thank you very much for your time and I hope to hear your comments soon! Until I can get my act together and start actually posting some material here, these are my FictionPress and FanFiction links:



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